Parking Lot & Sidewalk Maintenance


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From resurfacing your lot to maintaining your sidewalks, we ensure the impression your lots give off is a positive one.

Parking Lot Maintenance


Perspective1 regularly creates,
implements and performs parking lot maintenance.

Here’s a sample of what we watch for while servicing your parking area.

  • Parking Lot Sweeping – Is there trash and debris present on a regular basis?
  • Parking Lot Signage – Are all of the exterior signs present and in good condition?
  • Porter Services – Do the trash bins and cigarette receptacles always seem to be full?
  • Bulk Debris Removal – Is there construction debris, old furniture or appliances present in your parking lot?
  • Graffiti Removal – Do the walls of your building or parking structure have graffiti?
  • Pressure Washing – Are the sidewalks or walls of your building exceptionally dirty?
  • Hydro-Cleaning – Is your parking garage in need of a good cleaning?

  • Stucco Repair – Are there any spots on your building that are missing chunks of stucco, have cracks or need patches or other repairs?
  • Commercial Painting – Does your facility need to be repainted?
  • Dry Rot Repair – Does any of the wood on the exterior of your building, signs, fencing, or other structures in your parking have dry rot?
  • Lighting – Are there broken lights in your parking lot or burned out bulbs?
  • Fence Repairs – Is your fence in good condition?
  • Sealcoating and Line Stripping – Can you clearly see the parking lot lines and is your asphalt dark black in color?
  • Asphalt Repairs – Do you have potholes, standing water, or asphalt cracks?
  • Concrete Curbs – Are all of the curbs on your sidewalk in good shape?